Thursday, February 12, 2009

May 2, 05 - Maybe it's the rain...

1381 days ago

I felt so down today, maybe I'm just tired...but it's so hard to live with people, I miss swimming among delicate rainbow coloured fish and wise slow turtles. I was happy for an hour, went to a baladì class (Arab dance), let my movements melt with the music, saw my arms swinging like seaweed in the current, free of thoughts. My whole body like a wild prayer.

Then had some more delicious food with two Romanian friends, left overs from yesterday's Easter feast, we did well, it tasted like home, almost nothing was missing, except my mom's spinach pie. But we're all just floating islands, looking for a place to grow roots, leaning on each other for a moment, to gather the strength to go on. For how long still?

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