Thursday, February 12, 2009


749 days ago

I should publish every recipe I cook. Actually I don't even know why am I bothering with my master in communication. I should take cooking classes and stay in the kitchen.

Chicken soup is good, but try to use bones for it (wings, necks, etc.). I always make it Romanian style, with carrots, parsnip, onion, celery root and fresh parsley or coriander after it warms up.

The butternut squash is a great cousin of the pumpkin (zucca). And the combination of its small boiled cubes with crushed amaretti biscuits, butter, a bit of nutmeg and parmesan on top of fresh fettucine pasta is absolutely exquisite. Dixit!

The chickpeas based bite size cookies from "Nocochi" (on McKay/Sherbrooke) are also unbeatable - they succeed to melt in the mouth instantly, spreading their rosewater, pistacchio and whatever taste on all your tastebuds.

Of course the Muscadet Sévre et Maine wine just rounded up the experience. I don't know if money bring happiness, but food is a basic ingredient

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