Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Hard work, especially around my agenda, trying to avoid any unnecessary outings, that I'm a specialist in:

I can't miss a flamenco show on Friday given by a Québecer dancer who spent 6 years in Spain and I happened to meet a couple of times. Also planning to see a couple of plays: Forêts by Wajdi Mouawad and La nuit arabe, directed by a Romanian, a fado/bolero concert by Portuguese singer Misia and an unavoidable contemporary dance show by the Béjart Company, one of the best in the world. All this up to mid-April.

Some attractive movies showing in town: Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron, The Perfume after Patrick Sueskind and Notes on a Scandal with Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.

During the holidays I've read a good dramatic book about Afghanistan - The Swallows of Kabul, the "The White Castle" by Orhan Pamuk (winner of the Nobel Prize! - good story but his writing was not that good somehow).

Right now I picked Istanbul - memories and the city and I'm about to finish Le regard de l'anatomiste. Dissections et invention du corps en Occident - a brilliant study by an Uruguayan professor who holds a Ph.D. from Paris on the history of anatomy and dissection. I was interested on the subject ever since I studied biology and anatomy in school, then reading the biography of Michelangelo and finding out he performed dissections himself. The University of Padova (Padua), that I visited in 1999, second oldest in the world after Bologna, has an anatomy amphitheater Teatro Anatomico. Fascinating! So I'm very glad this book exists and I had access to it!

My new identity/alterity - research on the field class that started yesterday requires a lot of work but looks like very useful for my later research in Uruguay. Also got my first grade - an A+!, from a professor that's far too kind for me to be sure that I deserved that. Tonight I have my second first class of the semester. Run, Lola, run!

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