Thursday, February 12, 2009


737 days ago

Whatta life! Coming from work at almost 8pm, and sitting back down in front of a slightly different screen, and it's almost midnight.

I made quite a few mistakes lately at work, my boss got upset, then he got over it, and today I did it again, and still...he took me home when we both left around 7:30. I guess he's pleased anyway when I stay late and appreciates my dedication. Maybe he got impressed with the six bricklike books I carried to work to make photocopies for school. Truth is I really admire his culture and professional knowledge and skills. He might have thought that it is late, and I'm still there and tomorrow I have school and after all I'm not having so much fun!

Which I am, anyway. I still went to some kind of Brazilian music concert (although its Brazilianity is rather a false pretense) on Saturday, then to a friend's birthday. I'm a bit fed up though with our big loud parties, half of the people are always the same. I miss going out in the open, truth is cold is biting hard nowadays.

I really like what I do at school and for school, but dammit! it's hard to put up with everything. With the help of God and a bunch of saints..., like my dear Portuguese born Anthony of Padua.

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