Thursday, February 12, 2009

April 29, 05 - almost Easter...

1384 days ago

I was in such a good mood today after work, it was sunny and I had a long week, knowing Easter week-end is coming over...went to the church yesterday and tonight too.

For us Orthodox Easter is the biggest celebration over the year, I always felt enthusiastic about it...such a beautiful ritual, people gathering at the church at midnight, singing and holding candles, bringing them home...the light of love and hope. The last two years I was in the Caribbean - once I celebrate it with Bulgarians, coloured eggs with highlighters (the most inventive drawings I ever made!).

Last year it was the same date as the Catholic one, so we had a Portuguese priest coming from Toronto(!) and mass in a dance lounge. This was funny, people from the States, Italy, Latin-Americans, Romanians, passengers and crew, some hardly spoke English, but it was such a great atmosphere. And now I'm here, there is a Romanian church close to where I live, my Romanian friends went shopping, tomorrow is lamb (yummy!)and other goodies cooking time. I still have the Easter almonds my Portuguese friends sent me a month ago...and on Sunday we'll have a big lunch, almost like home.

Very quiet week for me, I felt I needed some insight, but with the long hours in the office and on the way, I didn't get to spend much time with myself anyway. Plus, supermarket Monday, gym Tuesday, movies goes my week. The film was interesting, from South Korea "Old Boy" - Asians are great visual artists. Kind of a thriller, peppered with some melodrama and bits of humour.

During the last four weeks I saw a Chinese one "The World", and a Japanese one "Nobody knows". Both about the loneliness in the big cities, both long, slow...and very well done. So many Asian movies in one month, in Romania it would be unthinkable. This is what I like best about Montreal, you can experience so much about other cultures only by looking around.

The Morrocan "Le Grand Voyage" was a road movie (another popular subject nowadays, just like cultures' clash), about a young born French Morrocan and his traditional father who wants to got to Mecca by car, because the sense of pilgrimage is in the hardness of the way - you live and learn, and refine your soul.

My monthly Flamenco night on Sunday, looks like a whole bunch of my friends will be there, Romanians and Latino, probably a small group from Ottawa too.

Ottawa, yes, the last week-end I spent there was better than a chocolate egg with a surprise - Easter Bunny coming earlier. Because then you're sure there's something nice inside, now, I had a vague impression there might be something, but very vague. When I was little a lot of times inside the egg there were the pieces of a toy you have to put together, I'm still confused and wonder if I stick the pieces right. Time will tell, for now I'm all cheerful about it (yeah, right, it is a man I'm talking about).

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