Thursday, February 12, 2009


772 days ago

After such a great Christmas week the New Year party felt like a flop. Much ado about nothing, much money for not much fun. Suburban entertainment - I should have known. I know, I know, it's just a night, but I'm angry against myself for having had expectations. Especially that I had alternatives. It felt like a province city hotel in Romania. With a band of 9 performing oldies but goldies, a big mamma singer (a good one!) and an average of 50 years old around! Party amenities at midnight, blah-blah. Thanks God it is over, anyway!

My sister threw a party at our place in Romania, that apparently went very well. I wish I was there, to celebrate our entry in the European Union.

The day after tomorrow I'm working and next week school starts again, so I'll try to read today and tomorrow, go out for a walk and that would have been my winter holiday.

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