Friday, March 21, 2014


Reminder to myself.

This is part of a message that I wrote a couple of a years ago. I was answering someone that I met in Paris who thought I was not playful enough because I refused to become his temporary lover:

"In this roller coaster called life the only thing that really matters to me it's my freedom, body and soul.  

I wouldn't sacrifice one minute of it but for someone whom I trust and doesn't act impulsively. Love at first sight leads to whimsical actions, and I'm well over the period  "live for now, life is short, then we'll see".  I want to have a real home and feel sheltered.  I lived on two different continents and on the Caribbean sea, without counting the months I spent in Portugal, Turkey or Uruguay, I lived fully and had all kinds of experiences, bitter and sweet. I am looking for serenity, stability, the calm of an active, balanced life. No drama, no fools' games and without having anything to hide from anyone.  

I am strong but fragile, and if I don't take care of myself, no one would, this is what is expected from a woman who made it alone and in shape at 37, that she could take all the blows and keep standing."

Why did I forget about it by the end of last year?

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  1. Buna ziua,
    Am dat din intamplare peste un comentariu al dvs. in care spuneti ca aveti un "Gastaldo" ca stra-stra bunic.
    Intamplarea face ca si eu sa ma aflu in aceeasi ipostaza.
    Ati putea sa imi scrieti adresa dvs de mail la mgastaldo at gmail punct com ?
    Din pacate nu cunosc prea multe despre trecutul familiei mele din partea tatalui si, cum nu mai stau acum in Ro, nici timp de cotrobait prin arhive nu prea am. Poate avem totusi mai multe in comun decat numele, deoarece pana acum putin timp credeam ca suntem singurii "Gastaldo" din Romania.
    Multumesc frumos.


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