Sunday, March 6, 2011


My grand grandparents: two World Wars, a financial crisis and an incipient communist dictatorship;

My grandparents: financial crisis, one World War and almost 45 years of dictatorship;

My parents: communist dictatorship, a never ending transition and this financial crisis;

Me: 15 years of communist dictatorship and 20 years of transition to the crisis time.

Really, so far I think I am luckier than the preceding generations!


  1. I looked at your posts about Italy and, God, I love the thing below, it's from september 2005:

    So looking at that dark movie filmed mostly in the city of Bologna, unknown to me, and showing briefly my beloved Roma, I realised how much I am attached to the beauty of the past - the way it is now, no when it was bright new. I like faded gold, chipped furniture and tiles - things that show they have a past. I like decadence, I feel the fast pace the world has now, all this new shapes in design that make me think about a waiting area in a hospital are isolating me.

    Things that show they have a past.

    Thank you for helping me define what makes me trully happy.

  2. "By the time I finish this story, the third tragic misadventure of the 20th century was over. After the monarchy and fascist rule, the communist regime also went up in smoke. My grandmother's words return to me: try to photograph what's beautiful in life. She was the only one in our family who had the gift of breathing freely".

    (Sunshine by István Szabó)


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