Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring is in - March 31, 2005

1415 days ago

In the city, in my mind, even my body was feeling extremely energetic today. A strong warm sun enlightened my heart, a spring breath blowed my hair, throughout the day I was highly conscious of the beauty of the world, and I felt like champagne bubbles were chasing each other through my mind and my blood.

I felt everything is right in place the way it is.

I sent my diploma for translation, in order to get it recognized by the Canadian Government later on and I got made the invitation for my mother to come and spend two weeks with me in June. So I did something today. I listened to some romantic songs in Spanish on the way, because I was walking to the legal office, my heart was singing too, I had a nice healthy salad and a veggie burger at lunch...came at work all happy and hyper.

A normal day, but my mood made it bright as the sunlight.

I will start working in the Sales department of the hotel very soon, a step forward by all means, that will push me later towards what I want to achieve. Which is not an ascending career, but a job where I can fulfill myself, where I can use my skills 100% and feel useful. Always looking for a higher purpose. I guess my main purpose in life though is cheer the other people up, bring joy around me.

Life is good. Easy on me, anyway.

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