Thursday, February 12, 2009


157 days ago

34th birthday anniversary, no big deal really, contrary to the past years I kept it small and user (me) friendly: improvised tango soiree by the Lachine canal on my actual birthday, Rona Hartner's gypsy vibes on Friday and dinner chez Claudia Saturday.

It's been a good year but somehow I was waiting for some cherry to top it. Like a phone call to offer me the job of my dreams, or something like that, I still believe in magic. Or rather not anymore since I turned 34 and the miracled did not happen.

Although I had a good year altogether, like going to the Sierra Mixteca in Oaxaca for the Mujeres Poetas en el Pais de las Nubes... and travel to Uruguay to study the murga, especially Agarrate Catalina and Araca la Cana I got to dance tango in Buenos Aires (a mythical dream) and to listen to my new Brazilian friends singing and playing bossanova under the almond trees on the beach of Bom Jesus dos Pobres. I set foot in the fabulous city of Salvador de Bahia de Tudos os Santos that I've been dreaming about since I met the unforgettable characters of Jorge Amado.

My classes are over, I "only" have left the master thesis to write, for some reason it goes very slowly.

And last but not least I managed to grow and cherish my relationship with Adrian, the Cuban draughtsman lost in Canadian transition that's now sharing my life with much enthusiasm...who knows what's coming next?

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