Thursday, February 12, 2009

September 23, 05 - I remembered...

1238 days ago

...the other things that crossed my mind yesterday, especially under the influence of Quo Vadis, Baby (italian film, originally a book, the title is a quote from The Last Tango in Paris by Bertolucci).

I think I'm esentially a nostalgic, grew up in an old house, beautiful but falling apart, close to the historical ruined center of Bucharest, studied in old schools up to the age of 18 and fell in love with the image of the interbelic Bucharest (basically the 20es and the 30es).

Those were the golden days - beautiful neo-classic and cubist buildings, the emergence of a neo-Romanian style, arts, culture and industry were flourishing. My grand grand grand father immigrated from northern Italy (Veneto area) to Romania looking for a better life.

So looking at that dark movie filmed mostly in the city of Bologna, unknown to me, and showing briefly my beloved Roma, I realised how much I am attached to the beauty of the past - the way it is now, no when it was bright new. I like faded gold, chipped furniture and tiles - things that show they have a past. I like decadence, I feel the fast pace the world has now, all this new shapes in design that make me think about a waiting area in a hospital are isolating me.

It doesn't mean I like gloomy ambiance, I love the big windows and light - I just feel maybe I would have been better off living in a different time, where there was less plastic in the world, when fashion was not changing over night and things were made to last.

Just spoke to one Chinese housekeeper, she was cleaning the toilets - she spent four years in Roma before coming here, so we shared for a few minutes our memories of the Eternal city.

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