Thursday, February 12, 2009


876 days ago

Got so scared when I realized how much I have to read, study, compile, combine, resume. Scared of the white paper/computer screen. Wondering how the hell am I going to deal with it? I have to admit that I was a lousy student in Romania, extremely lazy. I hardly read any books, I was learning from my class notes. Superficial studying, tolerated by indulgent professors. Since I was 6 I tried hard only for the matters of study I was interested in. Mostly languages and literature, biology, sometimes history, geography and chemistry. Never wrote one of those essays they ask for here, developing logically a subject, based on a heap of books. My thesis in 1996 was a joke.

And now my time has come, I decided I want to do a master, there's no way I can give up. Ten years after getting my degree in a foreign country. What was I thinking?

Now I have work, school and the Gypsy festival to deal with.I wanted it, I was looking for trouble, so to say. And they are all priorities!

First of all - severe cuts in social life, no more outings any given day. Less literature too - I swallowed enough so far. Praying God from time to time, going to the library this Saturday to start the school readings and trusting myself to my proverbial luck while I'm doing my best. Something's gotta give

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