Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recommendations - March 3, 05

1442 days ago

Sunday I went to see in concert LHASA (de Sela), a Canadian Mexican-American, that lived in France lately, together with her sisters that have an itinerant circus. She sings in Spanish, French and English and released only 2 albums so far. I was dreaming about seeing her here in concert since I decided to immigrate. So she came, five minutes away from my house. In a beautiful old movie theatre from the '30s, where you can stay at the table and sip a glass of wine while her deep, hushed voice fills your soul with joy and pain. She has a very intimate way of singing, like making a confession, close to the microphone, no dancing and fooling around. You feel she's telling you things about herself she wouldn't tell to just anyone. So, if you find her albums - La llorona and The Living Road - get them, she's a pearl.

My mom took my advice and went to see MISIA in concert - a brilliant, amazing Portuguese singer who reinvented the great art of Fado - this song about fate, despair, separation, longing, that breakes your hearts and mends it again. Misia puts together great poetry and beautiful music, giving them expression with her sensible, emotional voice. She's the one conceiving her albums. My mom sent me Misia's last CD - "Canto". I hope her next one - "Diva Box" will be available in Montreal soon.

A must see: THE SEA INSIDE - EL MAR ADENTRO, not because it won the Oscar, but because it truly is an amazing film, about love, life, death, responsibility, human beings. Same about "SIDEWAYS", not at all a Hollywood movie, but a sarcastic, realistic, bitter sweet touching comedy.Feel free to add your reccomendations in your comments.

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