Thursday, February 12, 2009


1199 days ago

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Knocking at my door, looking for sweets, around 8pm: my Pakistani or Sri-Lankian, or Indian, or Bangladesh (didn't ask yet) neighbours - a mother with a baby boy and a sweet 7-8 years old girl - dressed traditionally, with their colourful attires, from warm and mysterious Asia!

Didn't have any candies, apologized, closed the door...and remembered I have Belgian chocolates in the fridge, kept them since May, for some special occasion. I was about to miss it! I went out, they were still there, I offered them chocolates. No one of us has nothing to do with this Irish or whatever celebration, but if it helps neighbours to knock at each other's door, means it's great!

Apart from it, I had a long week-end: potluck and birthday parties, gym, Botanical Garden with Chinese lamps(see photos) - life is good. Work sucks - I don't have an office anymore, somebody came from maternity leave, got her chair back and because of new hirings I was left out, exilated in the back of the hotel reception, were there was a free computer.

This job is really a school of humiliation, every day I feel like standing up and bloody leave...but how am I going to pay the rent?

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