Thursday, February 12, 2009


853 days ago

I don't think I ever wrote on this blog about how crazy I am about Italy, this seductive, absolutely charming country, where I left some feathers, how they say there.

I just got some kind of orange tote-bag today in a bookshop, that reads, in Italian: "Amore: You cannot wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Yahoo! I have to go buy a club NOW!

My special, long-time-no-see Italian friend won't be coming finally to Montréal next month, he just got a temporary good job, until December More than three years now and who knows how much longer...

What else makes me write about Italy now? Check this.

A great friend of mine, an Italian journalist - Renato Farina, has been suspended for 12 months for cooperating (and being paid) by the Italian secret military services - SISMI. Apparently it was a big media scandal there, that I found out about only today

I was shocked, I looked up the net for all articles and evidences and I realized that whatever happens - I stick to him. I've been received like a relative by his family, slept in their house, ate at their table, I cannot blame Renato for anything he does. I'm sure he acted in good faith (he's also ultra-catholic). Maybe he's too innocent and idealistic and thought he was engaging in an anti-terrorist crusade.

I'm not in a position to judge anyone, especially someone who treated me extremely kindly, with absolutely no interest. It's easy to stick to our friends when everything goes swell, and to quit the sinking ship. I signed the petition in his favor and I sent it to all mutual friends we have here.

So much about Italy today, coming up again on my life stage, for a brief moment.

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