Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Made some really good one today. Another excellent remedy are fried bananas flambées with rum - dark Martinique rum.

My first "free" week was not that free at all. Kept on doing things, meeting friends, looking for a job on Internet, calling contacts and so on.

Starting tomorrow I am volunteering for the United Nations conference on climate changes. About 7 half days all together, that will keep me busy and allow me to meet more people.

Thursday I went to a conference organized by the Progressist Forces Union (Union des Forces Progressistes), a political party. Anti-globalization and anti-corporations. There was the director of Greenpeace Québec and the director of Équiterre (for a fair trade with less developed countries). Also a manager from Eau Secours, another association for water ressources. I found out so many things, told in funny, interesting way, that I thought my head would explode.

And Friday I went to another kind of talk-show, organized by an independent magazine - Le Couac. More social, economical and political issues, more humour still. The problems will always be there though. Like we say in Romanian: The dogs bark and the caravan passes...because they have the money.

One issue that touched me: the independence of the press. The biggest media group here: Quebecor, owns publishing houses (over 10 I think), several TV channels, radio stations, a cable, telephone and Internet provider, newspapers and magazines. Of course, they provide only the information they choose. And all these channels are promoting each other. Where's the fairness here? Democracy, freedom, rights to information? Most of this discussions stay among closed circles. People that go there are already "in". People outside won't know, or wouldn't be interested, in any case won't realize what's happening. And the world goes round in circles.

So, my head filled with questions, and, alas, even the answers, Saturday I went hiking. In the Eastern Townships. What a fabulous day!

Spent about 5 and a half hours walking in the woods. Lightly snowing, no wind, foggy, but not cold, forest smells. Had a quick packed lunch in a shelter, made fire with back in the dark. Then jumped in the shower, changed and went for a quiet evening with three of my great girlfriends. Made hot spicy honey sweetened wine for them, the host treated us with some nice snacks and we watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - a truly delightful smart and funny movie. A perfect day!

Now I'm looking forward to work at the conference and see if I get any interviews. Good night!

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