Thursday, February 12, 2009


1181 days ago

I guess my boss didn't really like me from the very beginning, and she prepared herself very well, until she found new staff, that would always say yes, even when she's not making sense.

I have to admit those guys are nice and maybe the whole environment would have improved, on the other hand I was looking for something else anyway - they didn't know. So I admit somehow she was right, like the way she put it, that I don't belong in Sales and I should look elsewhere. "My performance didn't match the company standards" - I'm there since January, with her since April.

I know her inner motivation was that I was talking back to her, because she never worked in hotels before and was making some obvious mistakes. And the idea of working in airlines client service just made me laugh. She's very well connected in this field and offered to give me a hand. And a letter of reccomendation. Like she was so happy to get rid of me that she would have done anything. She advised us that if we don't comply with her instructions she will tell the owner that she cannot work with the respective person. So she did it.

Long story short: winter's here and it's not the best time to start looking for a job. Besides, what to do? I don't want to know about hotels anymore, and in winter this business goes down in Montreal. Jobs posted on the net get hundreds of resumes. I called all possible people, to look through their acquaintances - it's the best method here.

I also consider going back to study for one year, with a Government loan. It's a costly solution but long term it might bring more satisfaction. I just have to see how feasible it is, in order to start in January.

Maybe it's for the best, according to maître Pangloss (aka Voltaire): Everything is for the best, in the best of the possible worlds.

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