Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movies in Spanish short marathon - March 7, 05

1438 days ago

As we're having an ibero-latino-american film festival going on nowadays, spiced up with flamenco and colombian folk shows, I took advantage Friday and Saturday and went to see 4 movies.

"Sumas y restas" - Colombia - Medellin - the story of a construction engineer, who has a good life, but gets involved in the drug business and almost gets killed, but certainly loses a lot of money. Quite a simple story about human weakness, not a big movie.

"El misterio de Trinidad" - Mexico - Veracruz - an emergency surgeon gets a ship through his father's will. He's divorced and his wife lefts him his 10 years old daughter for the summer. He has to decide what to do with the ship and to learn how to deal with his daughter. His father was never married to his mother, but had another wife and two kids. So the doctor gets to meet his half brothers too. Then we have three stories: step family, ship (and looking for a sunken Spanish gallion, eventually finding it) and relationship father-daughter. All pretty predictable, positive/negative characters, and happy ending, but the images at sea, in the sea, all the coral and fish, the clear waters, sunset and sunrise, filled my heart with nostalgy for the long gone Caribbean cruises. My love for the sea will never disappear, my dream is to live somewhere close to the water. It was a relaxing, easy to watch film.

"GOD IS BRAZILIAN" - Brazil, a must see, filmed in several North East and Central West Brazilian states, ironic, still touching, great humor, beautiful landscapes and very good actors. It talks about Brazil and it talks about all of us at the same time. Next to "The Sea Inside" it got on my list of favourite films.

"Ferpect Crime" - Spain, Madrid - craaazy, funny, a bit too violent and crude (today's fashion) and mocking many cliches of the world we're living in. Dark comedy, same style as Pulp fiction, but with normal people, no gangsters, which makes it even better.

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