Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me daily - March 22, 2005

1422 days ago

A friend told me I'm becoming mystical lately.'s true that every day I think about God and the meaning of life. My wandering around in nature in the Caribbean,enjoying its beauties, paying attention to details (a centipede, a fish, a flower, a miniatural lizzard) generated a feeling of belonging and a sense of eternity. The ever existing perfection of the world, caught in a moment. In the city I can only go to the church, eventually smile at a passing seagull or a playful squirrel. My feelings adapted, became more conscious, I'm not melting in the landscape anymore.

And I have more worries every day, than I used to have during the last three years. But now I learned serenity, I know everything passes like clouds in the sky. I just want to dedicate my life to something meaningful, to get involved at work. And I want to remember, always, the moments when me and the landscape were one, and none would talk to me, but my own thoughts.

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