Thursday, February 12, 2009


644 days ago

Just a thought, I saw there was a big parade in Bucharest and some fun army brass bands from 6 European countries, playing in a park.

I'm tired, of everything. I can't wait to go home, see mamma, my sister and my brother. My best friend Liza and other good, longtime comrades. 10 days to go. On the other hand I'm not very keen about pending my summer holiday in Bucharest. A big polluted city. At the same time I know that spending time in the house I grew up in is like touching the ground with my feet after being somehow suspended.

Two months ago I decided I wanted to go home see the people I love most. Then to surprise my mum going there around her bday and taking her on a short holiday to Barcelona, just the two of us, as we've never been there but always wanted to go. Moneywise is not wise, but I felt an urge to do it. Too bad my sister cannot come. Judges cannot decide about their vacation time

After I made up my mind and made all the arrangements, she decided to accept her fiancé's proposal and get married next year. I hope to be able to cross the ocean again. After spending three months all the way down South and coming back having to look for a job.

So...mum finally found out I'm going home, she only knew about Barcelona, not about her very special escort. I'm very glad that a great Spanish friend, Olga, will come from Southern Cadiz to see me for the week-end of May 26 - 27.

Then...a long summer in Montréal. A lot of reading and writing too. My average so far is A (9.5 out of 10) - which is rather encouraging.

I had two fun days Monday and Tuesday, a very dear friend, Saj (Sajani, Ottawa born Hindu), who lives and studies now in Cambridge, visited me with her boyfriend and stayed for two nights. We had a nice Thai dinner, smoked shisha and drank tea Monday; yesterday there was the pre-festival event of Romani Yag, the gypsy festival which will take place in October. Ljuba, the organizer, did a great job, but I wish she involved me more. We'll see about the future.

Saj and Andreas enjoyed what they could of the evening, as they came late, it was really full. They left this morning and coming home in the evening I found this gorgeous flowery plant, with velvety huge leaves and dark fuchsia flowers. We had great breakfasts

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