Thursday, February 12, 2009


995 days ago

I was impressed by two pieces of info these two days.

1 Catalin Mitulescu, that I briefly crossed in Romania, has a film in the "Un certain regard" section in Cannes. "THE WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD". He won a big prize with a short one - Trafic, in 2004. His wife, Andreea Valean, wrote the screenplay for both, she's also a theater director and a playwriter, I heard about her plays before, but I didn't know she was the Andreea I saw once or twice in my life, at some birthday party. They both are about my age. Apparently Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders were involved in the production of his latest film.

2. I got the "Diary" of Sorin Stoica as an Easter gift from Romania, sent by my uncle. I started reading it, then, looking at his bio, I noticed he studied at the same Faculty as me, also worked there and...passed away this very January, being only 27! Looking him up on the net I noticed he wrote 6 books before.

Now, looking at myself I realize that if I was to die tomorrow, that's not much I would live behind. I realize my generation in Romania started being very productive, coming up as strongly creative and definitely having something to say. After a long troubled period, that generated a lot of beautiful energies. Waterlilies grow from mud.

I accumulate a lot and give out nothing.

I do have to kick my own ass and put myself to work. Write, be here, 100%, without wasting myself anymore.

Partly because of people like Sorin Stoica, who found the wonderful resources to defy disease and death and stay with us through his writings.

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