Thursday, February 12, 2009


997 days ago

I found out Friday that I'll get 2 weeks holiday, although I started working with this company only at the end of March. My first reaction was to check the flights for Spain in June, imagining they would be cheaper than the rest of the summer. Wrong! Nothing less than $1200. Keeping in mind I want to start a master in September and buy a laptop soon, it's not the best idea. I'll probably do something around the Belle Province - Québec's surname. Patience, patience, for how long still?

I feel so frustrated though, it's been years since I'm planning to go see some of Spain and I kept delaying it for the time/money reasons. From the holidays point of view, the usual 2 weeks plus the distances don't make Canada a livable kind of place. I love travelling and I don't see myself being limited at 14 days a year, for at least 5 years, within the same company. Then I would get one week more, and after 10 years, 2. If you change company - back to starting point).

Europe - I miss it so much. Although I have to admit my quality of life, culture wise, foodwise, is better in Montréal than in Bucharest, due to more variety of choice. And I'm not allowed to live in E.U. yet. Maybe next year.

I do realize emigrating to North America at 30 and not at 20 raises an adaptation problem. My personality and tastes are already built up and not prone to change. Maybe if I already had other values and longings. But I don't, and I feel I can't find myself here. Anyway, I still have two years to decide, and destiny has its twists and turns

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