Thursday, February 12, 2009


708 days ago

Have been happening. Just the usual hectic schedule, caught between school, work and life.

Cooked dinner for my Italian speaking friends the other Saturday, went salsa dancing this past one. Saw a couple of great movies:

"The Life of Others" - Das Leben der Anderen, about a State Security (STASI - Eastern Germany) agent who in time becomes attached to the artist couple he's supposed to observe. I was wondering, what would I have done, if I was to choose?

"The Dignity of the Nobodies", about the amazing ways simple people found in Argentina to fight against poverty and despair. By all means: founding people's eateries; exchanging medication they had stored home at counters improvised in the streets; singing the national anthem so loud when their property is about to be sold, that the judge is forced to cancel the auction. Very impressive.

I also worked on my small project for the Identity/Alterity - Field research class, interviewing Marcela (from Buenos Aires, a very good friend) about the ways tango mixes with the Argentinian identity, especially here in Montréal. It happened that there's an interesting play showing at the same time: "Mundo Tango/L'Amérique au corps", that plays with texts by Jorge Luis Borges, dancing and videos, all orchestrated by Romanian director Cristina Iovita. I went to see it with a few friends, including Mateusz, a Polish Canadian who dances tango and is as crazy about Italy as I am. He's such a sweetheart too.

So I got all surrounded by tango, its magic, longing, lust and fatality. Plus, I just met an university professor from Argentina, who's also a tango dancer, and is still nostalgic about that crazy country, 15 years after. I can't wait to go there next year. Hopefully. Just need the damn scholarship.

By pure accident I tripped over the blog of an Uruguyan young woman who teaches and studies communication...has Romanian ancestors and is learning Romanian. Now we are corresponding and she's great. I would be so freaking disappointed if I won't make it there!

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