Thursday, February 12, 2009


1050 days ago

I didn't get into a get-to-bed-at-a-proper-time routine yet, so waking up every morning and dragging myself to work (it takes 20 minutes now that I'm downtown, one bus only!)

Plus - had a friend (female:) over for a movie and dinner Monday; Tuesday movie again - utterly funny and smart TRISTRAM SHANDY A COCK AND BULL STORY by Michael Winterbottom - and dinner with my friend Andrea that's leaving for France and Sam from India, in a great cheap Indian restaurant, had vegetarian thali; Wednesday had my French pupil over for an hour than ran to a friend's place for tea and chat. Judith is amazingly gifted, originally in financial management and paiting, she's now preparing her own beauty products and does pedicure. I'll try to help her with some selling text ideas.

Tomorrow - Jiri Kylian choreography for Grands Ballets Canadiens. A friend lost his father and Friday evening I'll have to go quite far to see him at the chappel.

Saturday I don't want to stay up late, I danced enough on tables at Café Sarajevo the one before.

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