Thursday, February 12, 2009

March 18 - Another week it's ending/starting

696 days ago

Work/school, school/work, homework, galette au chêvre, poires et miel, drawings of ANNIE POOTOOGOOK, BYRON CHIEF-MOON: GREY HORSE RIDER - dancing, grocery shopping, cleaning, hand-washing, Andersen in Italy (awaking nostalgy of Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, oh, Napoli and Campania - terra dell'amore!), long winter night walk, Manouche Swing - Istvan playing the violin, Marian Nasturica on accordeon, Juliana's second birthday celebration, bus-metro-bus, home at 2am on Saturday, gym, glimpse and St. Patrick's parade, girls's superb lunch at Patrizia's, homework again, duck leg in the oven = week-end since March 16.

Finished preparation of funtastic Mum's 56th birthday celebration, all booked (plane and hostel).

Reading about the murga, will absolutely have to interview Guillermo Lamolle too. If I ever get the scholarship.

Depressed Saturday night - cried in the dark, too tired to resist. Thoughts and dreams. Hopes and fears.

PS Festivalisimo - 25 Watts, La Sombra del Caminante, Morirse en domingo - worth the time. Punta del Diablo - a must in Uruguay - most unbelievable fishermen village.

One more week.

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