Thursday, February 12, 2009


1061 days ago

My interview with Laurentiu Damian went very well, too bad is restrained only to a local Romanian newspaper, he has many interesting things to say and a passionate, touching way to say it. One can feel he cares about people, art, his professions: film director and university professor. About the people he pictures in the movies and the people that might see it.

His film touched me deeply, first of all it is a poem, not a biography, dissection of the artist's life. The objects created by Onisim Colta, his story - alone in the theatre attic, surrounded by heaps of disparated objects, the poems of Anghel Mora (another film director who left us not long ago), the voice of Romanian famous actor Adrian Pintea, the poetry of the images, all brought together under the magic stick of the sorcerer. Any director re-creates the world according to his own soul and mind and Laurentiu Damian is a poet, who sees the world through the lens of the sensibility and the unspeakable. The film is poem to creation, who transported me to another world, the imaginary world of Onisim Colta, an artist in Arad, thousands of miles away, who hidden in his attic wroughts out of broken things wonders of the form.

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