Thursday, February 12, 2009


1065 days ago

Unemployment paid, the full amount since January 15 to now. My volunteer job at the International Festival of Film on Art allowed me to spend a few moments with some talented people I picked from the airport. Not a long time...but still quality time.

I also met a film director from Romania - Laurentiu Damian, he has a film in the festival. I knew him since I was 18...attending the free film direction classes meant for future students at the Theatre and Film Academy. I found him fascinating then - smart, cultured and passionate. I also saw and liked one of the two fiction films he made, in 1992, since then he kept on making only documentaries (see his picture in my spring photos!). And we also had the same French teacher - Sanda Mucha, a very nice lady. So 13 years after I have the opportunity to talk to him in Montreal. He's 50 now. We talked for almost an hour, I found he didn't change much. Just a bit bitter - things in Romania aren't going swell on the films side either. I found him sensitive and warm.

So I gathered 4 other people to go see his short film about a Romanian craftsman/artist Thursday. It occurs to me that finding people with whom to make documentaries would be great - a way to reunite many of my passions and qualifications. My master in communication is at the same location as the media school. Looking forward to September and studying again.

I also have an interview for a job on it looks like things settle. I wonder though, I'm a bit afraid to think things are starting to make sense.

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