Thursday, February 12, 2009


1070 days ago

This is the real problem - the ever changing situation, I'm adjusting myself to certain circumstances and in no time they change, and not for better - porca miseria. Yesterday I went to the unemployment office, kind of dizzy, super nervous, in the fainting, not the agressive way. I gave them the paper they were asking for, a form inquiring about the courses I might follow. As there's none, at least until autumn, there's no relevance, but we have to comply with the procedure.

I found out the data the agent I saw last week entered in the computer was saved elsewhere than supposed, so the agent judging my case didn't see it - so now he will have to revise it again! And hopefully Monday release the pay. We're living in a kafkian society, like the purpose is to not make sense.

I do hope to find a job in about 2 weeks or so...

The International Festival of Film on Art just started, I was yesterday at the welcome desk at the Arts Museum, the Romanian director I was hoping to see didn't show up, hopefully he should at the projection next Thursday. Tonight I'm going to see a movie about contemporary dance - "Birthday" by Jiri Kylian, in Amsterdam. In April the Grands Ballets Canadiens have a show choreographed by him, I got the ticket before the unemployment ordeal started.

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