Thursday, February 12, 2009

June 9 - Hot, hot, hot

1343 days ago

Sticky air, reminds me of the everlasting Caribbean heat...but there's no sea nearby, no verdant ocean waters that would rock me, away from time and space. My most beloved evasion, transparencies, lightness, everything so clear, so present and eternal at the same time.

Streets are full of people now, many closed for traffic. It's beautiful and full of energy, I won't deny it, but I'd rather be in the mountains or on some deserted beach. I went kayaking last Sunday, in a place called Boucherville, close to the city did it for about 2 and a half hours, made me feel so good, paddling around green islands, almost like the Danube Delta back home. And a long walk in the heat, but WOW, my body was happy and my soul was singing.

Hopefully I'll get away from the city a couple of times more before autumn comes back.

My mum is coming on Saturday, for two weeks, she'll be off great help, I'm so confused, more and more often.

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