Thursday, February 12, 2009

June 20, 05 - Summer goes on...

1332 days ago

...and off. After the sticky days followed the rainy days. And now it looks like it is finally back on track. And I'm learning to enjoy Canada, I'm finding out ways to be happy without swimming and watching the fish and turtles.

Mum is happy here, we've been walking around quite a lot, up and down Montreal: wine and cheese home meeting my friends, Brasilian restaurant and live music, Old Montreal by night, and the week-end in Ottawa with her highschool friend (and my adoptive mother here .

We went to the Museum of Civilisations, learned a lot about what's really around here: the Haida, Iroquai, Mic Maq, Algonquin, Innu (Eskimo) nations, called politically correct First Nations and not Indians. It's a great place to be, they recreated the whole environment, like theatre or film scenography, and the Haida art is so impressive, similar to the New Zealand Maori one. They lived by the Pacific, in the actual province of British Columbia, and we hear more about the East Coast nations, so it was a real discovery for me. The guys who designed the museum knew their job, they created the building around the concept.

Yesterday we went to Lake Philippe in the Gatineau area, and had a barbecue with the extended family for Father's Day. I went canoeing for the first time and had my first swim here - in a mountain lake. I love water, it lifts up my spirit right away. They say you are what you eat, I should be a shell, a fish or a shrimp then

This week-end we are heading to Quebec City and Tadoussac, where the views are told to be breathtaking and you can even see whales. Before mum leaves we're going to a Tango Flamenco show, all the way from Spain, 25 dancers and musicians on stage.

And the week-end after I'm supposed to go camping and swimming by another lake, provided the weather is good enough.

I'm still not happy with my job, and with such job there's no way I could ever be.

I will have to move again in September, then look for another job, then, probably in January go back to school.

As for romance...I think I still need time by myself to see where I'm standing here. And take it easy, which is far from being in my character, but it becomes mandatory, according to my personal statistics and history. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy or entertained. And I guess from this point of view the Canadian experience might be quite a challenge.

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