Thursday, February 12, 2009


246 days ago

Oh, My, another two months without writing. Well, not much to say about my last one month sojourn in Canada. I got the max for my field work in Uruguay and my thesis project and found another Executive Secretary job, in a very pleasant environment, sourrounded mostly by Mexicans, so Spanish is almost my first language in Canada by now.

Back to Romania on May 17th, for a few organizational days, then a trip to Italy with my mom, to celebrate her birthday. As we get along more like siblings than mother and daughter it was such a joy to get to show her around Rome, Naples and Capri (where I've been only once, in 2000). I saw a few long term, long time not seen friends, including my best one ever: Luca, the extraordinarily bubblying, fun and generous Giovanna, a recently elected deputy, Renato F., two other lovely Romanians who hosted me previously: Irina and Ioana and another charming compatriot, Petruta, that I once met thanks to a train that stopped in the middle of nowhere, which led us to speaking to each other. I also chose to see someone I was very fond of in the past, choice that got me into trouble later on, but, hey!, otherwise I wouldn't be me.

The most beautiful and special thing about this sublime country is that you can never grow tired of it, I've been in Rome quite a few times and there is always something to discover, same for my beloved Naples, which I find so attractive and suitable for my personality in spite of being hectic and far from clean and tidy. My new "discoveries" included the San Severo Chapel in Naples with its amazingly achieved statues and the two anatomic models; the painted pavement of the San Michele church in Anacapri; the Santa Maria sopra Minerva behing the Panteon in Rome, which is so full of wonders that I missed a Cristo Redentore by Michelangelo and last but not least Santa Maria in Trastevere, home to 12th century mosaics.

I also made it to a tango night in Prati which wasn't wow, but at least I got to dance a bit with Stefano, the great ice cream maker we found on Via dei Coronari - Gelateria del Teatro. And we saw "Gomorra" - a film inspired by the best selling book of Roberto Saviano, as it was more like a documentary the characters were hardly defined and the stories mingled too much, if one didn't know what it was about, one could not make sense of it.

The only day it rained it was my mom's birthday, it was fun though. As I was leaving I was as sad as the other times (last time in 2003), but not as much as when I left Napoli, there's definitely something about that city and its area (Capri, Pompei, Costa Amalfitana) that sticks to my very skin.

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