Thursday, February 12, 2009


977 days ago

Two nights ago, looking at a great German movie "Nackt" (Naked). Three couples, getting together for dinner and getting naked, body and soul. Sharp dialogue, replies were flying like arrows, I was mesmerized. I know so much about being in a couple that I should be living with somebody Romeo y Julieta no eran de este planeta.

Got semi-bad news from the university concerning the master: I'm only on the waiting list. The one before the last, therefore my ego is not really flattered. Maybe I should stop waiting to become somebody and leave peacefully with the idea of being nobody. With a big N. Miss Nobody. Having an average life and be a good secretary.

Or go back to ships, I keep having dreams about me being on board. Not about islands and fish, no, just the ships. The big white tin cans.

I'm not Abel, I'm just Cain/Open up the Heaven, make it rain.

He's lying, he's Tom Waits and he's great.

It's raining anyway. What if my life will always be like this? Just wandering through it, no status. Ah, ah, ah, ah...staying alive, staying alive.

"siento, vivo, pienso
que más puedo pedir."

I feel, I'm alive, I think - what else can I ask for? asks Jarabe de Palo.

A million dollars...hotel, filled with people that feel and think, a bit disconnected though

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