Thursday, February 12, 2009


198 days ago

I use this blog as a diary and during the last month I barely followed routines: cooking, cleaning, going to work daily, to the gym twice a week, re-starting my tango classes and practice. I feel like there was really nothing happening worth to be mentioned. The jazz festival went away without major revelations, except a Cape-Verdian singer – Mayra Andrade, but still, I didn’t buy her CD. This summer is very capricious, it keeps raining for a few weeks now and you can never trust the forecast 100%. The fact is that I feel an urge to get out of the city; it’s been a long time since I got “trapped” here.

My couple life goes well, with small crises which I find normal for two people trying to adjust themselves to living intimately together. We have similar tastes but different backgrounds and lifestyles, even if we watched pretty much the same cartoons as kids. I have a lot of physical energy to spend walking, dancing, swimming, he likes to draw, read, watch films and share time with friends, mostly sitting down and talking. Different basic needs and priorities. So we have to meet somewhere in the middle, which made me give up going on a great hike on Saturday. Time will tell if the efforts on both sides are not too much for a lasting relationship.

At tango I met a new friend from Uruguay, Luis, a very nice gentleman, who also likes murga, so we are talking about the Uruguay national day celebration on August 24th as an opportunity to organize a small tango event. Later in September we want to organize an event dedicated to murga and candombe, with me talking about my experience in Uruguay. And the interview taken for Brecha in April finally appeared in the Montevideo weekly newspaper: “Entusiasmo por la murga a contraestación. El azaroso camino desde Montreal al Teatro de Verano de una periodista rumana tras el pulso y encantamiento de la murga y el Carnaval. A la vez, ayer se presentó un libro de una artista y académica uruguaya instalada en Estados Unidos que reflexiona sobre el fenómeno de la murga joven. Miradas académicas que no dejan de lado la pasion.” I’m not a journalist as they call me, but what matters is the intention.

Only last week I managed to start transcribing the interviews I took myself, I’m half way done, it’s a boring and tiring process. Plus, I hate the idea of telling my Uruguay story filtered by sociological, communication and anthropological theories, but there’s no other way, and I want to have everything done and wrapped up by December.

So I don’t have much to write. On our free time, I spend time with Adrian seeing friends: dinners, barbecues, one wedding, we managed to go to the swimming pool only once, due to weather conditions. I don’t have time for getting back to my creative writing; he’s been looking for a job for two weeks now, briefly, it’s not the greatest summer I ever had, barely bearable, but living with Adrian adds spice and fun to it.

Last but not least, an Uruguyan film to be seen: El baño del Papa/Pope's restroom.

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