Thursday, February 12, 2009

July 28, 05 - Erratic behaviour

1294 days ago

Summer in Montréal - full of music, hot, vibrating people, living at maximum and thinking at minimum...let me be out, let me dance, let me walk, lie in the grass, be, be, be and nothing else.

Feeling so alive..when out from work, the only annoying part is coming back...about 1 hour before reaching real freedom, before getting to be myself.

Saw an excellent wild film: Head-on or Gegen die Wand in German - two crossed destinies of Turkish living in Germany, very intense, too intense, overwhelming inner energy that bursts into violence, looking for the limits and trying to go beyond, always beyond, and when they realise this is not their real self is too late...maybe never too late to finish your life...and just start a new one. Anyway, liked it.

Also Lila Downs, a crazy Mexican witch I saw tonight in concert, whispering, moaning, crying, screaming, with a deep set voice, now a hush, then a curse and a blessing. Charming, even more - thrilling.

Last Sunday - Shakespeare in the Park, A Midsummer's Night Dream, then a folk creole show from my beloved Martinique. Again...a real spell. Colourful costumes, beautiful creole children and teen-ageers, swinging and whirling in wild tropical dances, with a shiny smile on their chocolate faces.

I'm happy, nothing changes in my life right now, no drama, no action, just work and fun in the sun. A bit worried about moving to a new apartment, alone this time, get it completely furnished, then start looking for a different job, I want out of hotels, I'm fed up with it. I want to find somenthing really motivating, after all, this is what brought me to Canada.

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