Thursday, February 12, 2009

July 1st, Canada day - Summer, summer, mum, summer

1321 days ago

Oh, yeah, Tadoussac and Ville de Québec (or Québec City) deserve a good look. Québec is the only fortified city in North America, with lovely restaurants and cafés, reminds me so much of Europe, my beloved decadent sophisticated courtisane.

And Tadoussac, where the estuary of the St. Laurent river hosts whales and seals...joined by the Saguenay river that carved fjords on its way, what a Northern dream land there is. Saw wild purple irises (stanjenei) for the first time, went on a cruise and saw whales (mostly their backs , even the white ones: beluga. And as a reminder of past times: sea urchins (arici de mare, oursins), the fragile beautiful sea eggshells. Salty cold water, still the sea, coming deep into the land, with its wonders.

At sunset time a mist comes upon the water of Saguenay, a silver light fills up the horizon, and time doesn't exist anymore.

Most of all, loved to be with my mother and share all this with her. It's been a long time since we haven't been together just the two of us...I'm selfish, but I want her all for myself, with her tonic, cheerful, childish presence. I want to offer her the world, just like she gave me her best for so many years, for all the joy she managed to surround me with during the rough communist ruled years.

We are so much alike, more like sisters than mother and daughter, and who's who after all? We are having so much fun together. On Wednesday night I took her to a dance show: Tango Flamenco, an amazing mixture of the two, with musicians and dancers from Spain, a contemporary sensual fusion (oh, the Spanish male dancers Then to a Spanish restaurant: El Gitano, kept by a Galician, delicious paella and gazpacho, had a romantic dinner And another long walk home. And yesterday I took her to the airport

Now one more year until we meet again, my sister graduated, got her judge robe, I wasn't there, what did I do to ourselves? At the same time I was able to offer my mother a beautiful holiday. There's a price for everything.

Well, I'm going camping now, till Sunday, the Jazz Festival started, with 5 or 6 open air stages, 20 minutes walk from here. Then the African nights festival is on. My room mate will be going to Romania July 9, five weeks to live alone and learn more about myself in Montreal, Canada. The city boils in the summer, with heat and events, I'll just go with the flow.

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