Thursday, February 12, 2009


947 days ago

Friday ACCABBANA Olivia Sellerio and Pietro Leveratto - jazz based on traditional Sicilian music. Beautiful touching music, very passionate, I could almost feel the salty wind, the merciless sun, see the women claded in black waiting for their husbands on the shore. Beside possessing a warm deep set voice, Olivia Sellerio is related to Enzo Sellerio, a famous photographer and founder of one of the best publishing houses in Sicily.

Saturday - my new friend Ljuba offered me a private audition at her place of amazing music from Croatia, Bosnia and Russia, pure Gypsy treasures, a world I dream of. Her father is a famous genetician, living in Paris, and a good Croatian friend of mine worked with him on a project!

Sunday Goran Bregovic had an open air concert here under the most amazing full moon one can imagine. I got crazy dancing with some friends, he's the contemporary god of Balkan music, the one who gave it to the world all wrapped up. Looking around me, people here are very different from his Romanian public I saw back in Bucharest Much calmer. We do identify with the Kusturica movies and with this tragi-comic music.

On a less artistic vibe, Saturday I got some nice scratches again picking mushrooms in the forest. Bright yellow chanterelles and meaty boletus. There was a funny kind - light orange on the cut, becoming right away blue, then black. Anyway they were all yummy, although in about 4 hours I didn't get more than 2 portions. I shall go again in 2 weeks time!

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