Thursday, February 12, 2009


745 days ago

"You're taking the metro to join the woman of your life and, at the stop preceding yours, a young unknown woman who's standing next to you feels bad all of a sudden, loses conscience and collapses. You haven't even notice her the moment before (because, after all, you have a date with the woman of your life and nothing else interests you!) but now you have to get her up, keep her a few seconds in your arms, waiting for her eyes to open. You put her on the seat that just became available and you leave her unpatiently to run to the woman of your life. The very same instant the young woman that, the moment before, you were holding in your arms, is forgotten (...)

A few years later, a young woman comes up to you saying "Is that you? I've been looking for you for years!" and she wraps her arms around you. She's the young woman who fell in your arms the day you went to join the woman of your life, who became since then your wife and mother of your child. But the young girl you happened to meet on the street decided, since long ago, to fall in love with her savior and your fortuitous encounter is to her a sign of the destiny. She will call you five times a day, she will write you letters, etc, etc" (Milan Kundera - "L'Immortalité").

I'm in the middle of something similar, even if not at the same extent. Only someone I happened to meet in 2003 and I didn't remember, showed up out of the blue in Montréal, we should meet shortly. You can never predict what lies in each moment of your life in terms of future consequences, how past or present will influence your future.

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