Thursday, February 12, 2009


1112 days ago

Finally decided, after burning my brains in the process, to apply for International Communication at UQAM. After thinking about Human Systems Intervention and International Politics at Concordia. First of all I was running out of time, "thanks" to the delay in making up my mind. 1st of February was getting closer. Concordia wanted sealed envelopes with professor's reccomendation, English tests, and for sure preparatory classes and I have no background in Politics. It is also more expensive.

Apparently UQAM does not have the best Communication department (which might be just a point of view after all). And International Communication sounds well, but vague. But...there is a Latin-American professor interested in the relationship with Latin America, there are Communication and Development classes and as I have a background in the field - no prep courses needed.

I already started making inquiries about my thesis possible subject, got 4 books from the National Library, went to an Association of Quebec Organizations for International Cooperation.

At UQAM they still had my student number from back in 1996. I know posh professional people go study at MCGill and Concordia (closer to downtown corporate offices too). But I have a good feeling about my choice.

Which, after all, is not final, like if I find a good job before September, I might drop it. But if I don't - I'll go on with the master.

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