Thursday, February 12, 2009


752 days ago

I listened to all the Misiaalbums I have (5), I browsed her site...she is such an interesting character, with a fascinating lifestory, a tremendous intelligence, culture and subtility and most of all a light yet strong voice. Just like the fado she sings, with its enthusiastic sadness.

She'll be here in about 6 weeks time, I can't wait.

Have been going on with "Istanbul" by Orhan Pamuk too - I like its nostalgia (hüzün in Turkish). My favourite cities (Rome, Lisbon, Naples, Istanbul and...Bucharest) have all seen better days, but that's what I like most, their fading charms. The slices of history you can discern when you look around, the ruins spreaded all over. Those cities talk.

My second grade is an A-, so an average of A so far...hard to keep up with, but I'll do my best. I like my classes, especially the identity/alterity - field research one. Time goes so fast anyway.

I also feel lonely in this mid-winter time. Gray days, cold sun, sharp winds biting into my flesh, many questions about what am I doing here and what's next after the master? At times I doubt about everything, especially myself and my ability to make decisions

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