Thursday, February 12, 2009


1121 days ago

Does anyone know me well enough? Looks like I'm so lost in my own head. I'm trying to decide on a master to do in autumn, deadlines are getting closer and I can't make up my crazy mind. Reminds me of a Québec professor I had at the University who told me I'm like a gardener who has too much stuff in his garden and trying to decide what to pick plants get rotten.

I'm even stressed about it, spending hours on the Internet, reading and re-reading the description of courses. Above all, I need to decide which field I want to work in. Favouring one thing is losing the others. Sometimes I wish I was less versatile. Somehow I got the idea I have to study in English, preferably at McGill, in case I' m choosing not to stay in Quebec.

On the other hand I looked at the programs at Université du Québec à Montréal, precisely the one related to my university back home, and they have some super interesting ones, like International Communications or International Law and Politics. So I guess I'll study in French after all. Besides the deadline is March 1, which gives me plenty of time to gather all the paper work. And go around talking to NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and see what the possibilities are.

I'll be working until the end of next week for the Car Show - 10 days, week-ends up to 10-11 hours. Sometimes I feel so anxious about everything, but I guess International Communications is what suits me best. So everything should work out fine...until my next down moment

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