Thursday, February 12, 2009


393 days ago

I just landed from my first murga show: “El tablado del tiempo” by Asaltantes con Patente. After getting lost because I tried so hard to get there by walking. A taxi saved my life, then the show started much later after I got there.

Anyway, this Monday – Tuesday I’ve been walking around alone, wondering what am I doing here, what’s this crazyness to come all the way downhere and sweat in the heat without being able to get out for a few days because it’s too damn expensive. Why on Earth did I choose Montevideo and this crazy murga? Besides it’s so much like in Romania or elsewhere in Europe. I should have told my mother to come with me to Brasil instead of Uruguay.

Then the murga came alive. The dedication. The talent. The spirit. The warmth. The liaison with the public, who knew so many lyrics by heart. It hit me so hard that my eyes filled with tears. I saw Eduardo “Pitufo” Lombardo and his wonderful energy on stage, I saw Marcel Keoroglian who’s probably one of the greatest comic actors I’ve ever had a chance to see. People I knew about from the “Contrafarsa” monography and from YouTube.

I remembered - that’s why I came! Because I believe in it. In smart jokes and collective joy, in humor and the feeling of belonging as an universal cure. Murga is romantic and fun at the same time. And those people on stage have been doing it since childhood sometimes. I believe in foolish people, I believe in people who believe, and sing and dance and laugh and hope this will change the world a little! I believe in this part of me who believes in it and dragged me all the way down here against all odds.

I have a feeling Carnival here is a miracle, so I dedicate this night to Dios Momo, the Carnival God, the God of laughs and good spirits, who transports us for a while away from this earthly world.

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