Thursday, February 12, 2009


1105 days ago

I shouldn't read what turns me off... Like "La noia" (The Boredom) by Alberto Moravia. Similar somehow to the "Étranger" of Camus. A guy who's completely detached from life, who finds no purpose in anything, doesn't relate to any object, person or activity. Just before that there were "Le cosmicomiche" (Cosmicomics) by my idol Italo Calvino.

Ouf! I guarantee these are not the best lecture for somebody who's unemployed. Calvino made me feel suspended between the billions of years before and after my life, a dot lost in the infinity of the universe. And Moravia, with his characters deprived of feelings - that's even worse. I started again writing my memoirs of Italy in French, this stimulates me, although nostalgia is hard to bear too.

Not many happenings I have to say. A very good Argentinian movie last Tuesday (Abrazo Partido - Lost Embrace), and on DVD "The Pianist" - Polanski, "Contempt" by Godard (from "Il Disprezzo" by the above Moravia) and "Kadosh" (Sacred) about an archi-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel and its contradictions. A gay friend from France was visiting, so Saturday night we ended up at "Sky" in the Village - the funny gay district. Latin music and queens downstairs, dance music and Québec transexuals upstairs. I find it weird to see a couple of guys dancing salsa. We had fun.

The Art Museum opened an exhibition brought from the Russian Ermitage museum. Catherine the Great (she was German by the way) and her times. Will have to see it next Wednesday. This week-end - German friend international birthday party, "Dracula" musical Québec version (I was invited) and my usual monthly Flamenco show.

Oh, I forgot to mention last Sunday hike on my neighbourhood mountain. It's really cool to have a forest hill right in the middle of the city. People go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowtubing and skating. The best part was that I had to do it with my long coat on, I managed to broke the zipper of the short one See the pics.

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