Thursday, February 12, 2009


1089 days ago

I won a ticket to a Flamenco show - Nuevo Ballet Español, can't wait to go tonight! I exchanged a few messages with the San Antonio community from Padova and their Toronto branch sent me Il Messaggero di Sant' Antonio (which happens to have a couple of interesting articles about Italians around the world) and a 2006 calendar.

I'm progressing with my volunteer work with kids.

Dark side - my unemployment aid didn't pay since January 19 - they are "studying" the file and we'll "let me know" soon. Only because I worked on January 20-22. My mistake. Now they say they don't have enough info about the circumstances and that's why they're delaying. Of course when I have to pay the bills I cannot tell them I'm studying the file.

I re-wrote my resume in a more academic form and put together a master project draft - next week I'm meeting the program director and afterwards I will submit my papers. I got some social communication books from the library. The more I read about it, the more passionate I get. I feel I'm doing the right thing.

Got some contemporary Romanian literature, also from National Library, I'm eager to know who are the new voices and the reality they create or describe.

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