Thursday, February 12, 2009


727 days ago

Hehe, there are iceflowers on the windows and wind's claws are scratching people's faces and surfaces outside, blowing snow all over the place, that goes up, swirls and twists like a whitish thin smoke. Tombe la neige, impassible manège...I'm dreaming of Latin America and the Carnival that will embrace me and inflame me next year, I'm dreaming of a purification through fire and excess instead of snow and sobriety. Through the magic of the Word. The murga uruguaya.

I'm preparing my admission file for the scholarship and I started putting my ideas in order too. What will I be looking for, what's murga for me, because it started taking shape already in my mind. A mirror, a mock, a twisted or a naked truth? One side of my research will be to see how does my imagination match reality.

I'm reading only for school now and I suddenly became super-organized (on paper ), like I write down all my assignments, things to do, friends to see...a real agenda. Only when I get home I'm the same old Anto, fooling around, hanging out and delaying the time to get to work, until I'm running out of it again and stay up till late.

Reading a lot about Argentina lately, its miracle and sudden decay, illusion and realism, the unbelievable caceroladas, that would be soooo funny if they weren't based on very sad facts. I will do an exercise of field research on identity based on tango and the feeling of being Argentinian, involving my good friend Marcela. We're going to see a film by great director Fernando Solanas tomorrow - La dignidad de los nadies.

I wonder how much we have in common with Argentina and Uruguay, us, Romanians. We also entertained dreams of being a great nation, part of European elites, before 1947, when Communism started destroying methodically and with great success our middle class. Which is slowly coming up again, gathering itself from the ashes. Although little was left and the new riches and the Parliament circus don't say much about the golden times before World War II. Just like Romanians do, Argentinians and Uruguyans are learning to live again, after they learned survival the hard way. So I guess I will feel pretty much like home downthere. Maybe too much

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