Thursday, February 12, 2009


364 days ago

It's a beautiful city, but...too similar to Europe and without the Montevideo oceanside walk. Big, impressive, noisy, dusty. I think I start to prefer nature tourism to city tourism. Give me some blue and green. I would have loved to go to Bariloche. I have to come back for a real escapade, far from the big cities.

I love the hostel, very comfy, although noise is a big problem too at night, at least in my room that opens towards the street. There are people from Belgium, UK, Chile, Austria, a few from Brasil. The Argentinians who run the "Puerto Limon" are doing a great job.

Today I bought my first tango shoes, excellent quality and price. I can't stop thinking that bargains here means that people can't afford much. I met a daughter and mother from Istanbul who were buying shoes. Small world.

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