Thursday, February 12, 2009


1095 days ago

BLACK CULTURE I went to the presentation of 2 films about Montreal Haitians on Friday night, within the Black History month.

About teenager mothers "Les petites mères" and a rap singer "Au nom de la mère et du fils", coming from a poor neighbourhood. Montreal doesn't have ghettos, only poor areas, a bit more hazardous to walk around at night.

The recently appointed Governor of Canada - Michaëlle Jean, herself a Haitian and former resident of quartier St. Michel was there too. Her mother came alone to Montréal with her two daughters, and Mme Jean became a brilliant journalist, after language studies, being appointed last year as Governor. Her husband is a documentary film director, they both had to give up French citizenship when she took over her new function.

Although it is more of a symbolic function, I was impressed that the former Prime Minister chose a black, French speaking, former immigrant woman for this position. A lovely lady - very modest, bright and fun, I did enjoy her speech. She is also very good looking, the classy way.

About St. Michel and Haitian community - well, in Bucharest there are plenty of the same kind of stories. Unfortunately. I do admire those girls though who decided to keep their children, they were 16 or 17 when they became mothers - it is a tough life. And most of them were supported by their parents, which is even more admirable.

ROMANIA In a local Romanian newspaper (published by 2 former university colleagues) I found news about the corruption trial in Romania. The former prime minister (Adrian Nastase) is accused, together with some other rich&famous. I'm glad this is happening and I hope it will keep steady, at least to get rid of the big fish. Because to eliminate corruption is a dream(Canada just went through a sponsorship scandal involving the Liberal Party that made this one lose the last elections)

BLOGS Parallel - jumping from blog to blog (some people link their to other people's pages) I started reading 4 Romanian ones.

- a former colleague from the Faculty of Journalism, presently a web developer in New York
- a Medieval history researcher - 26 yo, presently in Poitiers, France, full of wit and knowledge, from whom I'm learning a lot about Romanian "alternative" history
- a young teacher at my former faculty, who's passioned about e-media and seems to do great
- a 21 years old student in Journalism - smart and fun, who opens me a window towards young people's life in Romania. Very similar to the one I used to have 10 years ago

It's funny how somebody's blog can be a gate to a different world, especially somebody completely unknown.

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