Thursday, February 12, 2009


1099 days ago

Coming back from a movie - documentary about two street living québecois teen-agers in Vancouver, after coming back to Montreal, camping in British Columbia and ending up in Vancouver once more, Dany committed suicide. He was born in 1987 - 18 year old. His girlfriend is 17.

I got in a bus afterwards that was decorated with balloons and Xmas tree red girdles, all the way to the back, in front of the driver there were some peluche toys and next to him candies to be taken away. I asked him if he's celebrating anything. "Sure, Valentine's day, I do it one week in advance. I always decorate my bus for any kind of celebrations".

You know what? This guy is one of the best people I met! He's celebrating life actually, even at work, in a bus. He wants to brighten everyones day. He succeeded with me. I wish Dany met him too.

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