Thursday, February 12, 2009


1161 days ago

Had an interview today, for internal communications inside a clothing company - originally Dutch, but the Canadian frenchise have been bought by one of the American fashion empires. So comes they have hundreds of shops throughout Canada and about 200 employees in their head office. It would be interesting getting the info to the shops, do the seasonal brochure, but after all - it's a superficial world and has nothing to do with my aspirations and longings. Become a corporate animal? I'd rather not, thank you. But what if there's no other way?

I sent a couple of resumes more, one of the jobs really interests me: international marketing agent for a sustainable development counselling company, in Hull/Ottawa. I'd really like to work in this field, return to school and become a consultant myself, in time. Besides they consider Spanish is a plus, next to the mandatory English and French. I'd be ready to move for it. I will place a follow-up call next week.

After a few years I could apply for the United Nations...yeah, keep on dreaming, Anto.

I think I will still do a certificate in Project Management anyway, who knows? Everything is pending right now. Tick-tock, maybe one week more and I will know what's next.

Didn't write much with all this free time I had. The volunteering at the Conference took some time too. I haven't done much, I listened to a few interesting speaches, saw a good doc about alternative energies, learned more about Arctica and its inhabitants, the Innuits.

Last night I was speaking to a Belgian diplomate, I guess he was flirting with me a little. Miss Cinderella...I was thinking about the huge amounts of money spent on hotels, flights and food for this conference. Is it really the only way to get things moving? All these people travelling up and down, getting paid huge amounts, flying business class, eating in gourmet restaurants (all expenses paid of course) and sleeping in 5 stars and boutique hotels. Deciding with their bright brains about world's future. Yuck...give me a break. Is there really no way out?

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