Thursday, February 12, 2009


1130 days ago

It's quite clear for me that I don't know New York. It didn't drive me nuts like the European cities did, but I also caught just a glimpse of it, didn't go out at night and missed many sides. Nevertheless, I doubt it will find a place next to my favourite cities. It was great to see my unknown cousin, get back in touch and sight with Veronika and meet Michael on his own territory, out of the ships and jazz gigs. The museums also filled me up with joy and feelings as art always gets to the deepest side of me. Out in the cities, when Mother Nature is present only in bits and pieces, Art brings me closer to myself and what's real in life. Art and people.

I had a better time in Philadelphia, thanks to Cristina's generous company and new found friendship. I do hope we'll get to see each other every now and then.

Voilà about my trip, more pics to follow...and more trips hopefully, maybe New York in May.

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