Thursday, February 12, 2009


1155 days ago

I decided to go to New York in other words. Have a cousin there, never been, a friend in Philadelphia who's longing to see me, a jazz musician friend who's in the city too - all good reasons. The reason for not going would be the fragile balance of my financial means. And the week I will spend in the mountains in the Laurentians area right afterwards.

The train is not that terribly expensive, and is crossing a nice area (Adirondacks). It takes 10 hours, but after spending 52 hours in a bus crossing Eastern Europe the winter of 95 or 98 it's not that scary anymore.
My friend and her husband in Philadelphia offered me the plane ticket, but I'm stubbornly refusing. At least if I'm making crazy decisions I want to bear the consequences.

Also, got a hair cut, shorter than usual, looks like a 30's character, especially with dark lipstick on. I was looking for a cheap hairsalon and got to this "Charme" one, where I had a great time with the two Russian ladies: Ina and Valentina (Valia). Ina wanted to be creative so asked for my permission to cut more than the ends.I tried to explain her with my bush of hair no cut would be visible. I proved wrong, she cut it shorter on the back. It gives it a nice style, but no more buns or pony tails (pigtail rather). Ina said I should show my neck and pretty face more. I've been trying to grow long hair since I was 16, as my grandmother would always get me to cut it short when I was a child. Never made it to longer than shoulders.

We shared many laughs as I was talking about my Russian movies and cartoons memories. At the end they took my picture and gave me a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Because I was so funny I guess

No news about my job search. No answer yet from last week interview. And in this case I don't know if No news means Good news.

But, hey! Who's going to the Big Apple?

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